Thursday, March 1, 2018

Replay 2017


Sebenarnya taktau nak start dari mana. Setiap kali nak write post pon taktau nak start camne. Haha. Dah lamaaaaaa sgt tak post apa2 kat blog ni. Dah masuk 2018 dah pon omg. Aku pon dah masuk anak dua dah pon😂

I think i would just summarize the rest of 2017 for you guys ok (if ever theres somebody reading this). 

Since late 2016, i kept thinking of quitting my job, soon as my manager changed. I dont know why, but i cant cope with my new boss. She was kind, but then her workaholic type of person drives me crazy. I tried to give some time, to accept her and you know just follow the flow but then after a few months i felt like thats it. The time has come. It was easier said that done. I love the company but not my boss. I even got awesome colleagues. Though i thought about it many many times, it was on march i finally write a resignation letter. I carefully count the days so that my last days would end before raya 2017. Haha. It was the company's law at that time to have 3months notice. So long story short, i became a fulltime housewife since July 2017. 

However the excitement didnt end right there. On May 2017 it was confirmed that i was pregnant with my second baby. My weird brain thought that it was too soon for Aisyah to have sister, but the other half of me said, ok maybe its time. Ingatkan benti keje boleh la rileks2 sikit, tapi dah pregnant pulak. Alhamdulillah takde pening loya muntah apa semua. So my everyday routine would be bangun pagi-make breakfast- mandikan the big sister- masak lunch. Then lepas Aisyah tidur baru aku sempat mandi. Haha. Selalunya camtu lah.

Then end of December 2017, hub decided to stay at his parents'. It was about a month left before my due date and he was worried and if there would be anything happen, im in safe hands. The little sister decided to pop out right on due date😅

Okay lets just stop here. Next post i will continue to write about my labour journey for the little sister☺️

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