Friday, January 13, 2017

2016 - 2017


Pheww hope its not too late to post about the end of 2016. I was kind of busy i nearly forget about it. 

Well 2016 is definitely a new year for me. I became a mom. A MOM. Not to brag coz never in my life i thought i would finally be a mom. I always felt like I would never be a great mom. Coz deep down inside i felt like dont know how to handle kids. And that scares me. Hahaha.

Let me tell you a secret, when i gave birth, the first few days of confinement in the hospital, i secretly wished that my baby did not cry or poop when she was alone with me and hubs in the room. Coz i was afraid!! I didnt even know how to change diaper or even give milk to her. Sad.

But that was 9 months ago. Now im brave enough to even stay at home alone with her when her dad goes to work. Hehe. alhamdulillah.

So that was the highlight of my year. I got pregnant, gave birth, confinement for 2 months, going back to work on Ramadhan and need to pump bm while fasting (penat ya Rabbi, menyusu masa bulan puasa). What a path.

Now i can safely say that i got my energy back (not that much but ok lah) since my baby girl already 9 months old in 3 days ( but she still wakes up twice at night for her milk, huhu) and suddenly i miss baking.

Please pray for me that i can get my baking business back on track. I really miss baking. Most of the time i felt like quitting my job now and pursue my passion which is baking and business. But it is not that easy. Even now i still keep the thought at the back of mind. Hehe.

Hope that 2017 kicks another exciting journey in my life Insyallah :)


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