Sunday, January 29, 2012

baby saya dah setahun

actually i do not have any baby yet and of course not even married yet! its my blog which is already 1 year old. but i dont really remember the exact date. im pretty sure its in January. kehkeh. 

so this is where i pour all my feeling *not all actually coz i might regret it later, haha* and i love this thing a lot cause it reflects me and who i am, how i feel towards everyday life of mine. this is where i show my love when i cant really show it in my real life. heee

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semoga baby saya lebih maju tahun ni, kehkeh. i certainly do not expecting much followers as i know my blog is not really that informative :P

p/s: motif letak gambar rainbow cake adalah sebab saya teringin nak buat tapi tengah menunggu masa yang sesuai. ok dah bye :D.

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