Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 8 interesting facts about yourself

As salam semua. :)

found this interesting 30 days challenge and i thought it might be interesting if i could commit to it. ha ha. okay so here it goes

i think this is my most recent picture, with my dad :D

1. i am short and its sometimes affect my driving much. ha ha
2. love iced milo so much but trying to reduce it as one of my friends said that it will affect our bone when we are old later, betul ke?
3. an avid amateur photographer wannabe
4. have a very loving romantic thoughtful boyfriend :P
5. i am in my final year of studies insyaallah
6. baru 3 kali makan TF, perlu ke ni? tak kesah lah. hahaha
7. eventho i have the blood of Syed and Sharifah but i dont think i look like one
8. i love baking so much but it is restricted bcos of my studying schedule. buat bila time cuti je. hee


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