Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Green Hornet

Salam. :)

last nite i went out with him and watched the movie *as the title of this entry* okay2. the movie was great, and we watched the 3D one. its not like weve planned to watched the 3D one but we got to know that there is only the 3D one later when we got there.

okay sebab gigih sangat, alang alang dah sampai kan, weve decided to watch it anyway. that's one thing. another thing is that the ticket was absurdly expensive. two tickects cost us 40rm. confuse aku. sebelum nih tak penah plak aku pegi tengok wayang sampai 20 ringgit for one ticket. T.T
i figured out maybe because it was 3D, thats why it costs a lil bit more than the usual *more than a lil bit*

these are the tickets that weve bought *notice the price?*

okay2. tickets tu semua naqi yang belanja. hehehe. but still, at 1st i was a lil bit hesitate to watch it. ye la walaupun bukan duit aku, aku ni prihatin jugak dengan duit orang lain. hmm. idk. but he insisted so i guess it was okay lah. nasib lah cerita tu best. *sambil mengangkat angkat kening*

teman gigih saya ^_^

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