Sunday, January 13, 2013

Food galoreeee

Assalamualaikum. Actually ive been busy studying (no, seriously) till got no time to update my blog. Anyway better for me right i should have study right now instead of updating my blog. Hahaha

You know to study human resource management subject not really my thang. It involves a lot (im saying it again a looooottt) of reading. And theories. And facts. Hmm bosan bosan nak le jugak update entri. Hahaha. Another two days until the paper. Last one coming along on Friday. 

Actually this entry suppose to describe about the foods I ate went i was in Leeds and Dubai. But the thing is, takde lah galore mana. Makanan biasa biasa je. Sb kat Leeds susah sikit nak dapat makanan halal. So the best steps are to go to restaurants of Pakistani's and such, and also buying food that labelled vegetarian on it. 

So the first night when we were in Leeds we ate Lamd Donner! oh this is the first time for me eating this and hearing the name donner. Tapi kat sana common je. Its lamb shredded and can be eaten with capati. Plus side dish of fires. Hehe

The next day we ate fish and chips! aww teringin sangat nak makan fish and chips masa jejak kat sini. Dont know why. But its good though. Ikan dia besar. Biasala meal orang putih mesti la besar. Hehe

The next day while me, my brother and his wife waiting in the cafe for my siss graduation ceremony, we ate toast and toast with egg. Itu je yang cam vegetarian. Hihih

Haa yang ni menarik sikit, fish and chips with mushy peas. Eh sebenarnya peas dia tawar je. Kena bubuh garam. Haha 

I got a lot of lamb in my stomach when i was there. This is a lamb meal too. Tapi tak ingat nama apa. Macam rendang rendang. Ahh bestnya kalau dapat sekarang *lapar*

Hmm atas ni pun kambing jugak. Hahahaha sorry lah ye perut ni memang suka daging and especially lamb. Wahaha First time sebenarnya makan nasi goreng kambing. And it was superb. Wah giteewww :P

The ones above are nasi goreng and mee hong kong katanya. Hmm dah nama pun melayu, lidah pun melayu jugak. Haha actually kedai ni kat Dubai Mall punya foodcourt. Tapi makanan dia mahal nak mampus. Tapi makan je la bukan selalu. Hikhik

This is just a brief of what i ate during my travelling days to Leeds and Dubai. Most of our breakfast makan maggi jugak. Wahahaha

p/s: should have updated about food galore in Istanbul before. Hmm nevermind


nabila faryzza said...

baca blog ni, mesti lapar . banyak sangat gambar makanan. :P

IRIENA said...

idah akk dh tuka link blog

idahMOMOE said...

@eja: Mestilahh akak kan suka makan. Muahaha