Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I. am. still. in. a. dilemma.

should i apply for this? i don't know what to do. some of my friends did apply and some were not. i know i should not follow people but me myself don't know whats best for me. 
my dad says yes but my heart says not really. i don't think i'm ready yet. i'm not ready for the next level. 
for me Msc is to forward and im not eligible for that. so not. my Degree is not something i would want my Msc to be. 

actually my life is moving pretty fast. i am still 22. and bout to finish my studies in 2months time. that is pretty fast for me. i dont think my mental is ready for the next level of study. hmmmmmmmm

maybe i should do istikharah and pray for the best.



nabila faryzza said...

wahh, nak continue further ke kak? hee :) ape ape pun, gudluck la. fikir la elokelok. hee

idahMOMOE said...

hemm. finally decided and dah apply haritu. but still thinking nak pergi ke tak kalau dapat.
hehe anyway thanks eja! ;D