Thursday, September 8, 2016

My milkbooster

Assalamulaikum semua.

Harini aku nak cerita pasal product penambah susu. FYI my baby dah alhamdulillah gonna be 5months old next week. Masih breastfeed, and am still pumping milk at my workplace. Sayang punya pasal tau. Beg besar besar bawak pergi balik keje. Hehehe

Ok ok actually these past few weeks i noticed that my milk supply wasnt enough (taktau la kalau perasaan ke apa) then i decided to consume this product that claimed can boost milk supply. Kebetulan 2 minggu lepas ada Baby Expo kat SACC Mall. Tanpa berlengah aku pun beli lah satu milkbooster product ni. Ada dalam bentuk cookies and brownies.

Bought the brownies one. The tester was so good i finally decided to buy one. Balik rumah tak makan lagi. But only 2 days before baru start makan. Pagi sekali, then malam sekali. Sedap wei. Sekali rasa nak makan 2 biji. Tapi aku makan 1 je lah. Takut plak bengkak meletup jap gi. Kahkah. Ok exaggeration.

Then last night was when everything came to light. Baby susah nak tido, susah nak menyusu. Minum sikit je nak muntah and meragam. Memang aku perasan dia macam tak selesa setiap kali nak susu. Aku dah perasan kelmarin. Tapi kelmarin tak teruk sangat. Malam td macam teruk sikit. Kesian sangat­čś×

Up untill this morning then i feel like looking up upon google on why would a baby act like that. I felt that it was because of the ingredients of the brownies. And i was never so right in my life before. You know what is that ingredient? It is FENUGREEK. Yup. FENUGREEK!!!

Poor baby. My baby was all gassy and pooping every other time because of what i ate. The poop was all cair and so unusually smell like maple syrup (at first i thought it smells like garbage­čśé after googling then it came to mind it does smells like maple syrup)

I admit that eating fenugreek aka Halba would boost my milk but then i never thought of how bad the side effect is. Its was all my fault. Huhu

Now ive stopped consume the product. Rasa cam trauma plak. Sebelum ni pernah jugak makan kari banyak sikit, baby pon cirit. Kesian sangat. Sensitif betul. Haha

So mummies out there who breastfeed their babies, makesure everything that u eat is suitable for your body and babies ya? Remember even if it works wonders on you but maybe not to your baby. Better be safe than sorry.

Comment me if you want to know about which product that ive consumed and boost my milk. It works for me but not my baby, maybe it works on your milk too?


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