Friday, June 19, 2015

Ramadhan 2015


So how's your first day of fasting semalam? ok ke idokkk? hehehe. Mesti semalam rasa macam nak makan macam macam kan? ye lah first day berbuka kan, mestilah meriahh. :P

Anyway, i just wanna share my recipe for yesterday. Semalam entah macamana tejumpa recipe ni. pastu terus teringin nak try & "eh macam best je kalau dapat". Cerita kat husband terus husband pon ngidam sekali. Last last dia pun semangat nak try. Hahahaha. Ive tried something new yesterday which is Kurma Milkshake! Sedap gilaaa. and it is super easy to make.

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Kurma (Dates) - About 3-4 pieces per 1 cup of milk
Milk - I use Goodday Brand

1) Tear dates and put it in the blender.
2) Pour some hot water (Just to help incorporate them while blending)
3) Blend for sometime until they turn into a thick paste.
4) Pour milk and mix until combine well together.
5) And youre done!

Okay hope this helps! and selamat mencuba!

p/s: This is great for sahur and you wont need any honey or sugar, its still delicious! Just blend them and pop em in the fridge and it is always great when it is cold! Great energy booster!


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