Monday, August 25, 2014


Assalamualaikum. Yes. I know. It has been like 8 months since i last blooged. Lama gila k. busy kemahinnn (konon. No, really). Now i think i might start writing again. Hehe

Anyway this time around i just want to talk about the title. Bakeitsweet is actually my humble small business that is selling cakes and desserts. Yep. Cakes and desserts. Basically more to Brownies and Congo Bars. Actually i didnt think that i want to do this but this is just a trial and small intimate business where i share the baked goodness from our small home oven! Hehe

Since last year, i started out selling Moist Choc Cake to my close friends and classmates and alhamdulillah, the support was really awesome back then. Masa tu jual sikit sikit je, kat kawan kawan. Pergi kelas seminggu sekali i will bring something for them to taste. Hehe

When i finished my study, it was just for fun selling out cakes and stuff, since that time i was thinking about filling my free time as i didnt have any permanent job yet. Masa tu dalam bulan 2 macam tu kot. But now, i still dont have any job and the business expands (dalam tidak sedar). Walaupun kecil je biz, but i am totally grateful to Allah swt as now i can have my own side income. Jeles jugak sebenarnya tengok kawan kawan semua ada kerja tetap and i was like, "ok malam ni nak bake cake apa", or "harap la minggu ni ada orang nak order". You know, stuffs like that. Stuff yang orang takde kerja tetap macam aku ni fikir. Haha

Tapi takpe la. Mungkin ada hikmah nya semua ni. Everytime i feel abit jelous about other people. I quickly tell myself this is fate, this is destiny. Just go with the flow. Something good will come. Just usaha and tawakal.

By the way, thats it for now. Please search bakeitsweet on instagram and follow us! We make cakes, especially Brownies and Congo Bars! Andddd we are also on Twitter! Search for theBakeitsweet okay lovelies. Khas untuk orang orang Kuantan, Pahang. Hehe

Okla insyallah next time kita membebel lagi ok. Haha

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Ela said...

I miss doing business like this. Like seriously, I'm kinda tired of working for other people walaupun baru2 je kerja ni kan hahaha. So don't be jealous of your other friends yg ada kerja and all that, because what u're doing rite now is already great! U're gonna have a bright future :D