Thursday, July 26, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I'm back. after a week. again. haha. actually i  wasnt that busy but i got no idea of writing any blog post. but i guess now i have one. Anyway i'm currently at home for a week now. yeah life was great until you got nothing to do in the day because you are left alone when mum goes to work. yeay for me. sobs. plus when Ramadhan comes, the day got more bored as you can't eat during the day! ottokeh!

btw, last week my parents came and pick me up with my stuff to go back home, for good. they came with separate cars. thanks to dad's idea cause if it wasnt then banyak lah barang nak kena tinggal. haha.

Imagine this, this was the backseat of my mom's car. the trunk was already full. And another half was stuffed in my dad's. Aku taktau lah macamana boleh jadi banyak macam ni. I guess when you live there for 2 years its been your second home. :')

ohh im really gonna miss this. my spot was on the upper right hand side. last shot before going back home! hehe

sekarang kerja ku tanam anggur je. anyway im trying to live my life as lepas ni bila dah dapat kerja rasanya takde dah lepak macam ni kot. pity mom, i cant imagine if im not here to accompany her everyday for berbuka and sahur. she's gonna be alone. good thing that im on my holiday that falls right during the full month of Ramadhan. sekarang boleh lah teman mak. :)

btw, Salam Ramadhan ;)


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