Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bebola Daging IKEA

Assalamualaikum :)

Last Wednesday me and him went to IKEA just to get some meatballs down our throat. gigih sangat. haha anyway it was the first time for both of us to try the foods there. actually ive been there once but didnt remember what was i eating back then. i dont think the meatballs were so famous back then until i cant remember it now. haha

 this is what they love so much. apparently me to! haha tak cuba rasa memang taktahu. those cherries really blend well with the meat sauce. best :)
btw yang ni one plate have 20 meatballs, sampai level tinggal 8 ketul kitorang dah nak pengsan. haha :P

 what we ate there, including almondy dark chocolate cake, mushroom soup, chicken wings and egg tart :) time ni semua nak rasa kot, sbb aku tengah lapar. those egg tart and cake, that was me :P i mean, how could you not have dessert after a meal right. hee

after filling our tummies we went straight to Popular's at IPC beside IKEA. we had like RM250 worth of book voucher then. yeah. memang tak sabar nak habiskan. sebenarnya dah try pergi Popular dekat Sunway Pyramid, Jusco Bukit Raja, MPH OU. semuanya tak best. last last beli kat Popular jugak. sebab course QS tak perlu buku mahal mahal pun, beli stationeries lagi untung :P

yeah some of what weve bought that day. gembira dapat wireless mouse. yeeeay :P

p/s: sorry la memang batak sangat ni sebab first time makan meatball. HAHA



nabila faryzza said...

sedap gila kann meatball ikea. nyumnyum. hehe :D

idahMOMOE said...

sedap gilaaa. tapi kalau berlebihan memang muak sikit. hehe