Tuesday, January 31, 2012


"Ya Allah, bosannye lah hai.."

did u guys ever feel like this? for me it happens every single day. but then it hits me, maybe i should just go with the flow and just celebrate this feelings. yeah i am on my holidays so why not just lay in bed, watching tv, doing nothing. ha ha, kan?

opportunity does not come by everyday, so sementara ada masa for not doing anything ni, its better to just let things run on its own ways. kecuali kalau ada masa memang pergi lah rajin rajin kan tulang pergi tolong parents. eh, ringan ringan kan tulang. *haha peribahasa pun dah salah, baru seminggu cuti cik kak oii*

although i have a dissertation to think about but then the moods do not like me. 
where are you moods? @.@


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