Wednesday, June 8, 2011

X-MEN : First Class review


okayyyy okay . bace tajuk entry pun da tau pasal ape kan?

anyway, last Sunday me, my sis & my mom went to ECM to watch the movie . i was kinda excited because i saw the trailer before and it was awesome! that trailer really made me so excited to watch it . HAHA

so there we were, watching the movie . this time the movie is super cool . I like Magneto the most . because he was so cool attracting those steel and controlling it with his hands , with the hands are like in cool positions . you know, like emm.. dang! he is hot . HAHA :P

for those who didnt keep up with the movie series such as x-men origins, or what ever (like me), the movie is easy to be understood because it is the prequel of the movie series . so without any knowledge you can still follow the storyline .

 The characters (from left) : Banshee, Magneto, Mystique, Moira, Beast, Xavier, Havok

SUKA MAGNETO ! kehkeh :P

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