Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Melaka Trip (25-27/3)


setelah beberapa hari tak online,(ketika di Melaka) sekarang baru berkesempatan update blog. actually i got no time to post new entries as i have tonnes of assignments to finish . nearest dateline is on thursday for Building Services. dah la haram jadah aku tak paham ape yang aku buat, kenapala grup aku dapat yang susah susah . BAS? memang tak ah . sumpah pening . aduhaaiii . tapi terpaksa buat juga la . dah orang lain tak mahu . walaupun dah bahagi bahagi kan kerja, still the work hasnt started to sink down .

okay, back to the title, last weekend I went to Melaka for the event of History Club Uitm . i dont even know since when i am a member of the club but anyway, my fees i cheaper two ringgit than others because i am one of the members . ngehngeh ;)) so i went there with my friends, but not with my housemates . i am the only one to go as a representative of them . huuu . but naqi went with me as well, with his cousin Yaya and her bf Ismi . at least i think im not alone .

there i went to a lot of places since i cannot remember when is the last time i went there for holiday . many have changed as the town grew bigger with new buildings and malls . yeay! i thought i can go shop there but i got no time as my day is fulfilled with interesting activities . hemm .

i took a lot of pictures but i dont think all them are good enough . i dont care atleast im satisfied with the result . haha . yah i took a lot of pictures of them and not the city historical view because many of them is damaged by my own lack of creativity . HAHA :P

anyway, enjoy the pictures okayyyyy :D

 dia yang saya cinta :P

 yaya wif daiy

 seafood goreng! thnx to shah .

 the fountain .

 mase dengar ceramah . kitorang sibuk bergambar :P

 museum . love this picture :)

 the famous asam pedas Melaka .

 niza :)
 going to have dinner . ainil and mira .

 on the river cruise . fandi with arip .

 eye on Melaka?

 weeeewuuuu :P

 Menara Taming Sari .

 our dinner at Umbai .

 my team members for the explorace . jangan main main . no 2 okay :P

p/s : actually theres alot more but i will upload them in my fb . do check it out okay? daaaaa :)



starscream aisyah said...

wawawawawa, bestnyeeee ;)

shida said...

wewuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttt (untuk semua pix dhn naqeeeeey :p)

idah-alhabsyi said...

heheeeee mmg best, aisyah nati klau de peluang kne pegi gak. :)

haha, kecik saje jewww. HAHA :P